"We havenít been using the 08ís for that long, but already they are proving to be an essential part of our studio arsenal. We are exceedingly pleased and impressed with their quality of sound and we really feel we can trust them!Ē

Jon Dennis / Clicksound

Jon Dennis is one of the people behind Clicksound. Based in the United Kingdom, they specialise in selling MIDI construction templates for Logic Pro and Ableton Live ranging from Dubstep to Drum & Bass and House to Classical. Each template is an inspirational starting point for a track and once loaded in their preferred DAW, customers can shape the template building blocks in to their own original idea.

Obviously Jon needs a monitoring system that fulfills the sonic requirements of each genre. Creating a Dubstep template requires a very different engineering process to a Classical template. For the past few years Clicksound's studio monitor of choice has been the nEar08 eXperience speakers due to their flexible and perfectly balanced sound, low-end response and musical accuracy, while playback is provided by a Dr. DAC prime. Jon is also using a pair of unik 04, utilizing their compact design and excellent sound qualities. In addition to this, the Clicksound studios are blessed with a pair of new aktiv 08 as a replacement for the previous 8" model. Check Jon's comment about them under his picture.

It is no surprise that Clicksound's MIDI construction templates are of the highest standard with inspiration, precision, quality and usability at their core.


Featured Products

Clicksound is using the following ESI products:

Dr. DAC prime

uniK 04

aktiv 08

KeyControl 49 XT
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