"Until now Iíve been working with pair of Genelec 1031 on my Neve console. This provided a tight and powerful sound in the low / mid level, but the highs always made me feel that something is missing. When I first listend to uniK 08, it was a shock! They give a very precise and clean sound especially for the high frequencies. For this I can hardly find any better monitor that competes with uniK 08."

Ha Kyung / JC Studio

Ha Kyung is the Chief Engineer at JC Studio (Jang-choong recording studio), which is one of the largest and most professional studios in Korea with a long history since 1964. Almost all well-known musicians in Korean pop music history have worked there, as the studio is one of the major contributors to the K-Pop boom. Being remodeled recently, the studio today has a reputation for being the most preferred studio among professional musicians in Korea.

As of 2012, Ha Kyung has been working at JC Studio for 16 years. He has been recording, mixing and mastering for many popular musicians incl. Cho Yong-Pil, Jang nara, Cho Gwan-woo, Byun Jin-sup, Baby Vox and many others. One of his current projects is his work for REMOCON (REal MOdern CONcert), a TV show on major broadcasting channel MBC, where stars perform in recording-like setups in the studio. Ha Kyung is the recording engineer on the show.

He is now using uniK 08 in JC Studio A as main monitor on his Neve console. You can read his comments about the monitors on the right. The smaller studio B is using a pair of uniK 05.


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JC Studio is using the following ESI products:

uniK 05

uniK 08
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