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M8U offers maximum MIDI connectivity with 8 independent MIDI inputs and 8 independent MIDI outputs, providing 128 MIDI channels. The single rack space unit provides 1 MIDI input and 1 MIDI output on the front for easy access, next to status LEDs for all MIDI I/O ports. The other MIDI I/O connectors are on the backside of the unit.

With ESI's hardware based MIDI timing technology, M8U guarantees that your music will play back exactly the way you played it, via all the different MIDI outputs. M8U can also act as a stand-alone MIDI patch bay when it is not connected to a computer via USB and offers various MIDI THRU functions to route MIDI input signals to the MIDI outputs even when the computer is turned off.

Like with all MIDI interfaces from ESI, M8U shows the real meaning of Plug-n-Play, the installation could not be more simple. Under Windows XP and Mac OS X, no driver installation is required. The driver for Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (or optionally Windows XP) can be downloaded from our website.

M8U has since been replaced by the new M8U XL.



  • 19" / 1 HE Case
  • 8 MIDI In / 8 MIDI Out 128 MIDI channels
  • high-speed connection to USB-equipped PC or Mac
  • MIDI activity indicators for each port
  • various MIDI THRU functions
  • hardware MIDI time sync
  • Plug & Play installation
  • unit can be used as a stand-alone MIDI patch bay
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X and Linux compatible
  • dimensions: roughly 48.0cm x 13.5cm x 4.5cm
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