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Product Reviews

On this page you can find a selection of product reviews and testimonials that have been published for our products around the globe in different languages. Please select the product via the selection on this page first, then a list with the reviews will appear below. If something is missing or if you want us to add a review to this list, please contact us.

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Reviews for UDJ6


Future Music (UK) published a review of UDJ6 in their issue 266 (June 2013): "(...) the UDJ6 is great for the price" - check the complete text here on their website.



Matthias Steinwachs from German online magazine wrote a detailed review of UDJ6: "UDJ6 is the ideal companion for the mobile DJ." / "The interface is extremely compact, stable and well made." Read the full german language review here!



With the headline "Small Wonder", UK's DJ Mag had a close look on UDJ6. Here is a quote: "Beautifully crafted and packed with a huge amount of outputs for such a small unit, this pocked-sized audio interface is a perfect companion for a DJ's life on the road."