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Product Reviews

On this page you can find a selection of product reviews and testimonials that have been published for our products around the globe in different languages. Please select the product via the selection on this page first, then a list with the reviews will appear below. If something is missing or if you want us to add a review to this list, please contact us.

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Top reviews

Here is a list with selected reviews for our products. To check more reviews, select a product on the list above.


G.W. Childs IV of AskAudio checked out our U168 XT. Beside a detailed description of it's sexy package, he really liked it and explains why. Check the full review here.



Mike Metlay wrote in RECORDING May 2017 (USA) a review of our U22 XT: "... does it job with no fuss." / "... all users will like how this interface treats their sound."



The May 2016 issue of Sound on Sound features a review of uniK 05+. by Paul White. Here is a quote: "have a very grown-up sound and shouldn't be ignored" - check the full text of the review here.



Onkel Sigi of popular german magazine Amazona reviewed uniK 08+ and mentioned: "They sounds rich and comfortable, and have a lot of power in addition" / "good detail solutions" / "very well built" / "affordable for the features" - read the full german language review here!



Felix Klostermann from online magazine Bonedo (Germany) checked our U22 XT in detail and mentioned:"good sound" / "simple concept" / "hardware controls" - read the full german language review here!



Beat (Germany) gave our uniK 05+ their recommendation award. Henning Schonvogel praised them for their practical features, liked the sound character options, the detailed highs, the solid base and the excellent stereo image.



Axel Ritt from checked out our MAYA22 USB and mentioned: "The ESI MAYA22 USB is an interface on the market that excels with good features and a low price." Read the fiull german language text here!



The August 2016 Beat Magazine (Germany) contains a review of U22 XT from Henning Schonvogel: "low noise microphone preamp" / "high performance" / "lightweight solid constructon"



Chinese online magazine EXOUND had a very detailed view on a pair of our uniK 05+ with a description of all features and many close ups. They found the speakers boast a very flat frequency response and compare to many monitors that are a lot more expensive. Check the full review in Chinese language here.