The ultimate MIDI keyboard

Meet Xkey - the ultimate mobile MIDI keyboard, able to go wherever the music takes you. Featuring an ultra-slim lightweight design, Xkey is made for creation wherever inspiration strikes you. From the studio to your living room and everywhere in between, this keyboard brings professional performance anywhere. Simply plug Xkey into your device and play along with the best apps and recording software. Xkey is a fully class compliant, USB MIDI controller that works with all MIDI apps on virtually all platforms.


Key Features

  • MIDI controller with 37 full size keys (3 octaves) with USB-C connection
  • aluminum body
  • velocity sensitive keys
  • polyphonic aftertouch
  • pressure sensitive smart buttons
  • pitch bend and modulation buttons
  • octave +/- buttons
  • sustain button
  • included Xcable adapter adds a 5-pin DIN MIDI output and 1/4" connectors for Expression and Sustain pedals
  • USB bus powered, no AC adapter is needed
  • works with Mac, PC and mobile devices like iPhone or iPad (optional camera connection kit)
  • works with all MIDI compatible apps and software and all major DAWs
  • USB-C to USB-A cable included
  • free editor software for Mac, PC and iPadOS
  • includes Bitwig Studio 8-Track, Cubasis LE, Wavelab LE

Connectors & Functions

The Xcable connects to the left side of Xkey 37. It provides a MIDI output with 5-pin DIN connector and two 1/4" connectors for SUSTAIN and EXPRESSION pedals.
The OCTAVE+ and OCTAVE- buttons allow you to move the octave range up or down
The pressure sensitive MODULATION button sends MIDI modulation controller data
The pressure sensitive PITCH BEND+ and PITCH BEND- buttons allow you to pitch the sound up or down via MIDI pitch bend data
The SUSTAIN button allows you to enable or disable the MIDI sustain functionality
FULL SIZE KEYS - 37 full-sized fully velocity sensitive keys with polyphonic aftertouch
USB-C port connects to the computer or mobile device and used to send MIDI data

Unlimited possibilities with all MIDI apps

Compatible with any MIDI application and featuring a professional, ultra-thin 37-key design with polyphonic aftertouch, the Xkey is the ideal tool for musicians who demand precision and portability. Whether for Mac, PC or mobile devices, the Xkey gives you everything you need to control your music software and devices. Unleash your creativity wherever you go!

Full Size Keys
Xkey comes with 37 full size, velocity sensitive keys that follow exactly the width of traditional piano keys.

The ultra-slim lightweight design of Xkey makes it easy to travel with. It fits into your luggage or backpack, so you can play on-the-go.

Aluminum Body
Robust, high quality construction: the ultra thin stylized anodized aluminum body gives Xkey a solid and stylish design.

Veloctity Sensitive
The velocity sensitive keys make it possible to play Xkey with the same expression as a professional stage piano.

Xcable Adapter
The included Xcable adapter adds a 5-pin DIN MIDI output and 1/4" connectors for Expression and Sustain pedals.

USB and Standard MIDI
Xkey works with standard MIDI data making it compatible with all MIDI compatible apps on Mac, PC and mobile devices.

Polyphonic Aftertouch
Your pressure on the keys can control the sound effects individually - a professional studio standard feature.

Smart Buttons
Durable rubber smart buttons provide features like Pitch Bend, Modulation, Sustain and allow changing of the Octave range.

Studio Ready
Simply plug & play with all common operating systems: macOS, Windows, iPhoneOS, iPadOS, Linux, Android.

Bundled Software

In order to get you started right out of the box, Xkey 37 ships with a powerful software package for professional recording, creation of your own songs, mixing of any audio content and much more. The following applications are currently included:

  Bitwig 8-Track  

Bitwig Studio 8-Track - the trim and effective DAW to start producing, performing, and designing sounds like a pro for use on up to eight tracks of audio / MIDI, incl. the Bitwig Essentials Package, a versatile selection of handpicked presets and sounds. Record instruments, create your arrangements, design new sounds, or just jam - every feature has been developed by musicians, for musicians!


  Steinberg Cubasis LE  

Cubasis LE is the compact version of Steinberg's mobile multitouch sequencer, providing the same look and feel of its bigger brother Cubasis. Specially designed for quick and easy operation, Cubasis LE makes recording, editing and mixing a breeze, no matter where you are, right there on an iPhone or iPad when connecting Xkey 37.


  Steinberg WaveLab LE  

Whether you are a hobby musician, home studio owner, freelancer or podcaster - WaveLab LE helps you to bring your music, voice and sound recordings to a more professional level. This easy-to-use mastering and audio editing software from Steinberg turns your computer with Xkey 37 into an audio analyzing, editing and publishing studio.


Our website always shows the latest information on what we currently ship with our products. Depending on the production date, it can sometimes be possible that a different software package is included with the Xkey 37 at a local reseller. The actual content is mentioned on the retail box of the product itself. If you are unsure, please contact us.