For our uniK and uniK+ series of studio monitors (uniK 05+ and uniK 08+ as well as uniK 04, uniK 05 and uniK 08), we present this video ... we hope you enjoy it :-)

uniK+ series models

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about this video

This video was made to promote our new uniK product line in a unique way. Feel free to share it and inform your friends about it. Check it on YouTube.

about our uniK and uniK+ series

The new ESI uniK series is the result of extensive development work done in Germany, to provide a new level of professional active reference monitors, defining a higher level of quality in this class.

The uniK+ series are the second generation featuring an entirely new signal processing and amplifier unit with a perfect order low-z and low noise design. Mos-Fet Bi-amplification ensures a high slew-rate and fast setting, featuring true analog vintage sound processing with LC-like gyrator technology for a stressless and silky sound.

A completely new feature is the unique one knob sound character adjustment from smooth to bright, allowing you to change parameters for every room and preference. The additional high resolution High and Low switches add additional control. Another new features among others is the integrated over-load indicator on the power LED that flashes red. Yet, there is much more: check out uniK 05+ and uniK 08+.

It is no surprise that many professional users are using different uniK models in their studios! Some of them are listed on the right.

professional uniK users

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