For our uniK series of studio monitors (uniK 04, uniK 05, uniK 08), we present this video ... we hope you enjoy it :-)

uniK series models

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about this video

This video was made to promote our new uniK series in a unique way. Feel free to share it and inform your friends about it. Check it on YouTube.

If you have your own idea to promote an ESI product with a video, contact us and send us your ideas or upload your own videos!

about our uniK series

The new ESI uniK series is the result of extensive development work done in Germany, to provide a new level of professional active reference monitors, defining a higher level of quality in this class.

The 5" and 8" models feature a high frequency ribbon tweeter with an extraordinary light membrane. This provides a very clear, strong and precise sound image especially in the high frequencies. With less moving mass compared to conventional tweeters, a new level of impulse response with minimized distortion is achieved. In additon, all 3 models are equippment with kevlar low frequency drivers - a major improvement over the paper and polypropylene drivers used in most comparable products.

In combination with the special crossover design and the optimized mechanical design of the cabinet, our uniK models provide special and truly unique sound characteristics that allow these monitors to satisfy the highest demands in professional studio environments.

It is no surprise that many professional users are using different uniK models in their studios! Some of them are listed on the right.

Check out uniK 04, uniK 05 and uniK 08 ... or our budget models aktiv 05 and aktiv 08.

professional uniK users

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