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Miditerminal 2120

2 In / 2 Out 32-Channel MIDI Interface

Do you currently use the Waveterminal 2496 or are you planning on using it in the near future? ESI presents the Miditerminal 2120, a 2 In / 2 Out 32-Channel MIDI Interface. The 2120 is an optional add-on MIDI interface that is designed for use exclusively with the WT2496 audio card and the EWDM driver. Although the MT2120 looks like a PCI card-type device, it's simple to install, and there are no IRQ setting hassles. Thanks to the unique combination of the WT2496 and the MT2120, you can obtain perfect MIDI timing and effective audio performance at an extremely affordable price.


  • Windows XP/2000/ME/98SE compatibility via the EWDM driver
  • Used exclusively with the Waveterminal 2496
  • 2 In / 2 Out 32-Channel MIDI interface
  • Perfect MIDI timing
  • Simple installation
  • No IRQ setting headaches
  • Affordable MIDI solution