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Reviews for eXtra 10


Christopher Wright wrote in RECORDING February 2023 (USA) a review of our eXtra 10 and dSONIQ Realphones: "(...) great recording and reference head- phones for all levels of audio admirers, and thanks to the comfortable fit, they can be worn for extended tracking and mixing sessions." - you can read the full review here.



Michael Schillings from Headphone Check checked our eXtra 10 in detail and mentioned:"With the eXtra 10, ESI succeeds in creating an appealing tool that meets the requirements of the studio. (...) and deserves our price-performance recommendation!" - read the full review with 4.5/5 rating here!



The June 2021 issue of Professional audio (Germany) contains a detailed review of eXtra 10: "(...) ESI eXtra 10 convinces down the complete line. (...) Also sound-wise it convinces in combination with the included modeling software " - the verdict is "Very Good".



German online magazine Buenas Ideas wrote a very detailed review of eXtra 10. You can read the full german language review with comments like "I like the ESI eXtra 10 headphones quite a bit, a well balanced sound combines with a pleasent comfort fit." that resulted in a "Tipp" award here.