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Reviews for KeyControl 49 XT


Swiss musician Jesse Ritch is using KeyControl 49 XT in his home studio. He comments about the ESI gear he is using: "With ESI products my songs are getting even better - great sound, a lot of fun and top quality!"



The KEYS special 1/2013 contains a review written by Andreas Ecker of our KeyControl 49 XT: "The ESI KeyControl 49 XT convinces with its stable cabinet, good playable keys and perfect build quality."



Popular Chinese website Midifan had a detailed view on our KeyControl 49 XT - among commenting on positive features such as the function without drivers and power adapter, the conclusion is "Best price" and "Best quality".Check the full review in Chinese language here.



Dirk Schaadt from online magazine Bonedo (Germany) had a closer look on KeyControl 49 XT and mentioned:"stable cabinet" / "nice design" / "good usability concept" - read the full german language review here!