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Reviews for aktiv 08


November/December 2014 issue of Recording Magazin features a review of aktiv 05, aktiv 08 and aktiv 10s by Moritz Hillmayer: "(...) you won't often get so much sound for your money." / "A honest impulse stable sound with a proper resolution of the spectrum speaks for ESI monitors."



The May 2013 issue of Future Music features a review of aktiv 08 by Jono Buchanan: "(...) the aktiv 08's are more than competitive" / "I found them most honest on mixes (...)" / "Decent bass thump"



The January 2013 issue of KEYS (Germany) features a review of both aktiv 05 and aktiv 08 by Martin Person: "In their price range, the ESI aktiv near field monitors can be considered among the best."



Playmusic (UK) checked a pair of our aktiv 08 in October 2012 - here is a quote: "We can't see how anyone would be disappointed with the aktiv 08s. Besides being reasonably priced, they look great and work very well in their correct context." - check the full review on page 22 here.



DJ Mag (UK) checked both our aktiv 05 and aktiv 08 in their Top 100 DJ issue of 2012 - here is a quote: "Both of the speakers in the aktiv range are priced to be in the entry level price bracket and won't break the bank."



The September 2012 issue of MusicTech Magazine (UK) features a review of aktiv 05 and aktiv 08. Their verdict for both model: "Both of these new monitors perform well above expectations for their price point."