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Reviews for GIGAPORT HD+


KEYS issue 07/2013 contains a review written by Andreas Ecker of our GIGAPORT HD+ : "In it's price class, GIGAPORT HD+ with its 8 analog outputs is a 'one of a kind' currently."



The website is hosting a review of GIGAPORT HD+ that originally appeared in Computer Music magazine (UK): "Crucially, it sounds great" - check it here.



Felix Thoma from German online magazine wrote a detailed review of GIGAPORT HD+: "To be completely honest, I don't know any other product beside GIGAPORT HD+ in this price range that has so many different outputs." Read the full german language review here!



DJ Rick Ski from online magazine Bonedo (Germany) had a closer look on GIGAPORT HD+ and mentioned: "I can recommend GIGAPORT HD+ for every user that wants to setup a smaller mobile or fixed surround system." - read the full german language review here!



DJ Mag (UK) checked our GIGAPORT HD+ in their Top 100 DJ issue of 2012 - here is a quote: "On balance, the GIGAPORT HD+ is as simple as it is effective and provides a great-sounding, sturdy, convenient and very affordable route to the joys of multiple outputs."