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Reviews for uniK 08+


10/2017 Mike Metlay wrote a very detailed RECORDING review of uniK 05+ and uniK 08+: "ESI's uniK Plus speakers stand proudly (...) They have their own character, and it's one that I happen to trust-the clarity and sweetness of a flat-ribbon tweeter married to the controlled and 3-dimensional power of a properly powered woofer." - you can check the full text here as PDF.



The October 2021 issue of Professional audio (Germany) contains a detailed review of uniK 08+: "These alrounders can be recommended with good conscience." - the verdict is "Very Good". Read / download the German review here.



Bro C of the Reviewer's Revival blog in Canada checked our uniK 08+ in an extensive and very detailed review that you should not miss. Check it out and read the full text here!



Onkel Sigi of popular german magazine Amazona reviewed uniK 08+ and mentioned: "They sounds rich and comfortable, and have a lot of power in addition" / "good detail solutions" / "very well built" / "affordable for the features" - read the full german language review here!



A community member of Korean site CUONET had a very detailed view on a pair of our uniK 08+ with a description of all features and many close ups. The found the speakers boast a very flat frequency response and compare to other monitors that are a lot more expensive. Check the full text in Korean language here.