Audioterminal 010

Digital Recording Interface for ADAT, TDIF, R-BUS & S/PDIF

The Audioterminal 010 is PCI-based digital interface allowing users to cross major audio equipment manufacturers proprietary digital communication platform. The four supported formats are Alesis ADAT Optical, Tascam TDIF, Roland R-BUS and S/PDIF (Sony-Philips).

Audioterminal 010 is designed to work with high quality 24-bit/96kHz audio but also supports all standard sampling rates form 32kHz to 96kHz. Other features include: 1-in/1-out MIDI ports for syncing with MIDI Time Code (MTC) and MIDI Machine Control (MMC) with 32-channel MIDI support, a 25-pin D-sub connector for TDIF/R-BUS I/O, two Tos-Link fiber optic jacks for ADAT lightpipe I/O, S/PDIF coxial I/O, and built-in word clock and external clock I/O. The Audioterminal 010 is the ideal solution for audio producers who were previously limited to one group of equipment due to format. From here on, digital incompatibility is no longer a roadblock to creativity. The Audioterminal 010 paves the way for musicians to get back to what's really important, making music.


  • 1 ADAT I/O (8 channel, Toslink)
  • 1 TDIF and R-BUS I/O (8 channel, DSUB 25pin)
  • supports 16 and 24-bit resolution
  • supports 32, 44.1, 48 (ADAT) 64, 88.2, 96 kHz (TDIF, R-BUS)
  • 1 MIDI input / 1 MIDI output , 16 MIDI channels
  • S/PDIF digital, coaxial I/O
  • MIDI I/O (support für MTC und MMC)
  • onboard S/PDIF CD digital in
  • onboard Word Clock I/O (Fs)
  • onboard External Clock I/O (256Fs)
  • EWDM driver for Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP with ASIO 2.0 support