Dr. D

Universal Signal Converter

If you are a musician in the digital domain, Dr. D is what you've been waiting for. With all kinds of digital signal formats out there, it's easy to get lost in a sea of technical details. Dr. D is a handy tool that solves all your digital audio format needs. Need to convert something from S/PDIF optical to AES/EBU format? No problem. Just hook up the cables and what comes in at one end is converted at the other end. Choose from S/PDIF coaxial, optical, or AES/EBU input sources, and convert it to any format you want.

Unlike other converters, Dr. D is a true bi-directional converter: it converts both ways simultaneously. Just select any two signal formats at the front panel, and whatever is connected at the Input is converted to the Output, and vice versa.

Dr. D also functions as your digital audio hub (like a thru-box) when you are not also functions as your digital audio hub (like a thru-box) when you are not converting anything, so you can leave all the cables connected without having to re-connect them. This feature is especially useful when you need long runs of optical cable, including ADAT optical* cables.

With Dr. D, nothing is added or lost in the process. The original signal is perfectly preserved in the digital domain - only the format is converted. There's no need to hook up anything to the computer, no expansion card to plug in, and no software to install. Just connect the power cable, and all digital formats are at your fingertips.


  • ADAT optical format cannot be converted to other formats, but can be used in Thru mode