USB Audio Interface with ADAT output

Not just another USB peripheral, GIGAPort DG is the first of its kind, offering eight channels of audio output to single ADAT Lightpipe interface. The versatility of USB means that now you can have a viable high quality audio connection going out of your laptop or any USB compatible computer to the destination of your choice. GIGAPort DG also supports ASIO 2.0 and works with both Mac and PC.

The GIGAPort DG with its ADAT digital connector is the world's first USB ADAT Optical interface. The GIGAPort DG is perfect for transferring files or mixing direct to ADAT or any piece of equipment that supports the ADAT optical interface.


  • ADAT digital output (ADAT Type 1, 16-bit / 8 channel) with optical Miniplug-Connector
  • driver for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98SE with ASIO 2.0 support
  • driver for Mac OS 9.x with ASIO 2.0 support
  • Core Audio driver for Mac OS X
  • integrated USB-cable