KeyControl 49+

49-key USB Keyboard Controller

KeyControl 49+ is the most cost effective MIDI keyboard for your home studio. With the 49 full-size velocity sensitive keys and the USB connection, KeyControl 49+ is the perfect master MIDI controller for computer based home studio envrionments.

The light weight keyboard can send all important MIDI messages via a simple user interface. You can connect KeyControl 49+ to your Macintosh or PC via a simple USB connection. No additional power supply is required, no drivers need to be installed.

Controlling MIDI based software such as famous notation or sequencing software like Cubase, Finale, Sibelius, Logic, Cakewalk or others could not be easier. If you work only with software synthesizers, KeyControl 49+ is the most simple way to control them in realtime. Plug-n-play in perfection!

In the European Union and other European countries, KeyControl 49+ is shipped and bundled together with the full version of Cubase LE 4 from Steinberg, the incredible multichannel recording software for Mac & PC. Please note that KeyControl 49+ is no longer available and has since been replaced by KeyControl 49 XT.


  • USB connection
  • 49 note full size velocity-sensitive keys
  • Edit buttons for advanced programming
  • Pitch Bend and assignable modulation wheels
  • 2 data wheels
  • 3 function buttons
  • sustain pedal connector
  • power supplied via USB
  • for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows 2003, Mac OS X, Linux
  • bundled with Cubase LE 4 from Steinberg (in the European Union and other European countries only)

Reviews and Testimonials

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iDJ (UK) checked our KeyControl 49+ in October 2008 - here is a quote: "KeyControl 49+ is a most cost-effective MIDI keyboard for your home studio, and if you're looking for a full-sized keyboard and are on a budget then it really is worth considering. " - check the full review here.


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