High Performance 24-bit/192kHz PCI Audio/MIDI Interface

MaXiO XD is a complete 24-bit/192kHz recording system designed to handle up to 32 input channels and 32 output channels simultaneously.

The basic MaXiO XD system consists of the MaXiO PCI or PCIe host card and one EX8000, a 2U rack space unit with 8 analog input channels, 8 analog output channels, ADAT and digital I/O. The PCI card is equipped with four FireWire-like E.D.I (ESI Digital Interface) ports, each capable of individually supporting one breakout box with E.D.I connection like the EX8000 that provides 8 input and 8 output channels. There is also the single M.D.I (Multiple Digital Interface) multichannel connector on the PCI host card for future expansion, providing coaxial S/PDIF I/O, Word Clock I/O and a 1 in / 1 out MIDI interface by default. As option, MaXiO XD can be supplied with a PCIe (PCI Express) host card.

MaXiO XD is equipped with ESI's unique and powerful EWDM driver for perfect compatibility with Windows XP and 2000, offering ultra low latency and best performance with all popular digital audio software applications.

EX8000 provides 8 independent 'XD-PRE' high precision & ultra low noise microphone preamplifier modules (ultra low input noise -135.5dBu). The advanced technology architecture of the AKM chips used for analog to digital conversion and digital to analog conversion ensure high resolution as well as stable dynamics and sound reproduction.



  • 32bit PCI Interface with PCI Bus-Mastering support
  • PCI slot compatibility: works in +3.3V and +5V PCI slots
  • soon also available with PCIe (PCI Express) card
  • (4 E.D.I port and 1 M.D.I port connectors) max. 32 input channels and 32 output channels
  • the basic package containing one EX8000 unit provides 8 input and 8 output channels
  • MIDI Interface: 1 in / 1 out, 16 channels
  • WordClock I/O
  • hardware input monitoring / internal 64 channel digital mixer
  • high-end quality 24-bit/192kHz ADC with 123dB(a) dynamic range
  • high-end quality 24-bit/192kHz DAC with 120dB(a) dynamic range
  • 8 independent 'XD-PRE' ultra low noise microphone preamplifier
  • 8 balanced analog inputs with combo (XLR / 1/4" TRS) connectors
  • 8 inserts (one for each analog input channel) with 1/4" connectors
  • 8 balanced (+4dBu) / unbalanced (-10dBV) analog outputs
  • digital I/O: 8ch ADAT I/O, 8ch AES/EBU I/O, 8ch coaxial S/PDIF I/O
  • headphone amplifier with volume control
  • EX8000 unit can be used standalone
  • up to 3 more EX8000 units can be connected to the system
  • support for DirectWIRE 3.0
  • EWDM driver: MME, DirectSound, ASIO 2.0 and GSIF 2.0 support
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 compatible
  • Mac OS X Core Audio driver support available

EWDM192kHz - Advanced ResolutionDirectWIRE

Reviews and Testimonials

Here are selected reviews of MaXiO XD:


The December 2005 issue of Sound on Sound features a review of MaXiO XD by Martin Walker. Here is a quote of the summary: "With excellent audio quality and a huge number of versatile features, ESI have managed to cram a huge amount into their MaXiO XD system." - check the full review here.


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