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Reviews for ESU1808


Composer Natalie Oram of Rockbarn Media about ESU1808: "So often a sound card can have problems or have intermittent issues, but the ESU1808 has worked seamlessly with every studio computer we've had in the past few years and since using the ESU1808 with our latest iMac, again, it has been faultless."



April 2009 issue of music & PC (Germany) contains a detailed review of ESU1808: "The ESU1808 sets a new performance standard for multichannel operation via USB 2.0 and scores as a price bargain"



The issue 07/2008 of Future Music (UK) features a review of ESU1808 by Karl Foster: "It's unusual to see so many I/Os on a sub-£350 interface - you could record a populous band with one" - as result of the review, we received the Future Music Value Award.



iDJ (UK) checked our ESU1808 in July 2008 - here is a quote: "Essentially, the ESU1808 makes connecting your hardware to your computer a much easier experience, and so is well worth checking out." - check the full review here.