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Reviews for M8U XL


Dr Derek Williams, arranger, conductor and producer and user of various ESI products such as uniK 04 and uniK 05 is using two M8U XL in his studio in Edinburgh as the backbone of his MIDI setup.



Markus Thiel wrote in Keyboards 2/2012 (Germany) about M4U XL, M8U XL and MIDIMATE II: "The MIDI interfaces of ESI perform their special job with ease on the highest technical and practical level. You really cannot expect more from a MIDI-to-USB interface!"



iDJ (UK) checked our M8U XL in January 2009 - here is a quote: "As with previous ESI units we've reviewed, it's a workhorse that gets the job done well." - check the full review here.



Gearslutz user Evaw Evisserppo worte a nice review for the M8U XL USB MIDI interface and mentions "I can thoroughly recommend the ESI M8U XL." - read the full review here!