uniK 05

Professional Active Reference 5" Studio Monitor

uniK 05 are the result of extensive development work done in Germany, to provide a professional active reference monitor that defines a new level of quality in this class. The monitor features a new 5" kevlar low frequency driver and a custom engineered and powerful high frequency ribbon tweeter with an extraordinary light membrane. This provides a very clear, strong and precise sound image especially in the high frequencies. With less moving mass compared to conventional tweeters, a new level of impulse response with minimized distortion is achieved. The optimized matching mechanical design of the uniK 05 cabinet provides a special and truly unique sound characteristic that makes this monitor an important part of your studio setup instantly.

Please note that this product has been replaced with the upgraded uniK 05+ model.


  • 2-Way Powered Speaker
  • Active Studio Monitor Speaker
  • ribbon tweeter 49 x 26 mm as HF driver
  • 5" kevlar curved cone (magnetic shielding type) LF driver
  • Output Power: 60W (HF: 30W, LF: 30W), 85W AC consumption power
  • Frequency Response: 49Hz - 22kHz
  • Input Impedance: 42kOhm (balanced) / 8.5kOhm (unbalanced)
  • 2.5kHz Crossover Point
  • SPL: 89dB ?3dB @1W / 1M at 300. 400. 500. 600 Hz
  • Related Noise Power: 25W (THD=1%, 4ohm load, 1kHz)
  • Input Sensitivity: 60mV@1W; 300mV@25W (500 Hz)
  • XLR / TS 1/4" combo connector, balanced / unbalanced input
  • min - 0dB - max volume control on back panel
  • blue LED display (power)
  • dimensions: 190 x 265 x 210mm
  • weight: 4,28kg

Reviews and Testimonials

Here are selected reviews of uniK 05:


Famous DJ and Producer Jean Claude Ades about the use of our uniK 05 in an interview on MusicRadar.com (June 2012): "My absolute favourite speakers are the ESI uniK 05 as they sound absolutely honest."



Tony Platt is well known for his work with AC/DC, Bob Marley, Motörhead and many others. He checked uniK 05 for us:"The uniK 05 is an excellent monitor speaker that will give great results with a wide range of music. I have been using them to cross check mixes for a couple of months and they stand up well against my main system that cost several times the price! Give them a listen and if they sound good to you they can be trusted."



In issue 07/2013 of Beat you can find a review of uniK 05: "With the uniK 05 ESI created an excellent monitor." / "... its sound image with attention to detail convices everywhere." / "... makes the uniK 05 sound better than what you might think considering its price."



The September 2012 issue of Sound on Sound features a review of uniK 05 by Paul White. Here is a quote: "they pack more punch than their size might imply" - check the beginning of the review here.



The May 2012 issue of KEYS (Germany) features a uniK 05 review by Martin Person: "In my opinion, even in direct comparisson with the similar size Yamaha HS50M I liked the ESI uniK 05 more."



Issue 5/2012 of Germany's Professional Audio magazine contained a long detailed review of uniK 05 and uniK 08: "Both speakers convince with their overall setup, room image, impulse response and resolution"



In September 2012, Jack Baker of HomeStudioReview (UK) checked uniK 05: "This natural sound allows you to really hear what's going on, and won't cause ear fatigue any time quick." - read the full review here!


You can find more reviews of uniK 05 here. If you are interested in adding a review to this list, do not hesitate and contact us.