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Reviews for UGM96


Mike Metlay wrote in RECORDING May 2017 (USA) a review of our UGM96: "There is now no excuse not to have great sound with you anywhere you go." - you can read and download the full review as PDF here.



Guitar Player Michael Kaszczyszyn created a very informative review of UGM96 on his site: "It's difficult to find another interface offering as low latency as UGM96." - check it in English.and in Polish language.



Issue 7/2009 UK's Computer Music magazine features a short review of our UGM96. Here is a quote: "Overall, this is a good package for guitarists looking to save space and/or money"



The issue 07/2010 of KEYS (Germany) features a detailed review of UGM96 by Ulf Kaiser. Beside recomending it for it's price, he was impressed by the compact size: "UGM96 recomends itself as a convenient helper for mobile use."



The guys from (MusicMag) in Russia prepared a detailed video review of UGM96 - check the full video in russian language here!