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Reviews for Dr. DAC nano


Composer Natalie Oram of Rockbarn Media about Dr. DAC nano: "With simple 'plug & play' operation the Dr. DAC nano provides us with an effective quality audio playback from the MacBook and is an essential part of our mobile set-up enabling us to continue working seamlessly and effectively in or out of our studios." user bearmann created a detailed Review of our Dr. DAC nano - here is a quote: "As far as I know, there is currently no real competitor" - here you can find the complete review in German.



The website Headfonia is hosting a review of Dr. DAC nano written by user Mike: "Compared to the uDAC, I find that the Dr. DAC nano was able to portray the music better, in that the soundstage is bigger, the music sounds more open, ambience more real, and overall a more 'real' sound." - check it here.