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Reviews for uniK 08


Frank Serafine, the late award-winning sound effects designer, sound supervisor, composer and sound editor, famous for Tron, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Hunt for Red October, etc., is a user of our uniK 08. He said: "Crystal clean, pristine, accuracy. When I need full transparency in audio monitoring for film, television, and music productions, I insist on ESI Audiotechnik. For my work, I just can't take the risk."



Famous sound designer Diego Stocco is a user of our uniK 08: "When I first heard the sound coming from the uniK monitors I realized right away that I wanted to have them on my desk, they sound sharp and balanced, they make a great listening experience."



Fritz Fey of Germany's popular Studio Magazin compared uniK 08 with two other current studio monitors in the January 2014 issue: "(...) mixing I would prefer to do only on uniK 08, when selecting between these three."



Issue 5/2012 of Germany's Professional Audio magazine contained a long detailed review of uniK 05 and uniK 08: "Both speakers convince with their overall setup, room image, impulse response and resolution" user zehnvorsechs worte a detailed review for our uniK 08 studio monitor:"The build-quality is very good, the sound quality good and differentiated." - read the full german language review here!



In December 2013 Tobias Brandl of Tobitech in Germany checked our uniK 08 monitor and gave it the Tobitech Award:"The monitor is a real insider's tip and receives my unrestricted recommendation to buy it." - check the german text here!



Hagen Fin of popular german magazine Amazona reviewed uniK 08 and testified in comparisson with another popular ribbon tweeter monitoring speaker:"I would prefer the ESI speakers." / 3 out of 3 stars - very good - read the full german language review here!



In March 2012, Anselm Goertz of Sound & Recording (Germany) checked both uniK 05 and uniK 08: "The (...) new uniK monitors from ESI provide many treats with ribbon tweaters, kevlar low frequecy drivers and a full active 2-way system at affordable cost."