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Reviews for Juli@ XTe


Radio 7 is one of the three large radio stations in Germany's state of Baden-Württemberg. Producers Martin Höchtl and Oliver Deckenhoff about Juli@ XTe and other ESI products: "ESI equipment provides proper sound for various applications. It allows us to deliver real unaltered sound to our audience."



Tobias Brandl from Tobitech awarded our Juli@ XTe with the Tobitech Award:"an exceptional soundcard that convinces from the first second with excellent built quality and good sound. The driver support and the simple usability could not be better." - check the complete german language text here!



Danish website contains a detailed positive review for our Juli@ XTe - you can find the complete review (with a sensational score of 99%) here.



The ProSound section of famous Russian technology website iXBT contains a detailed positive review of our Juli@ XTe - you can find the complete review in Russian language here.