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Reviews for uniK 05


Famous DJ and Producer Jean Claude Ades about the use of our uniK 05 in an interview on (June 2012): "My absolute favourite speakers are the ESI uniK 05 as they sound absolutely honest."



Tony Platt is well known for his work with AC/DC, Bob Marley, Motörhead and many others. He checked uniK 05 for us:"The uniK 05 is an excellent monitor speaker that will give great results with a wide range of music. I have been using them to cross check mixes for a couple of months and they stand up well against my main system that cost several times the price! Give them a listen and if they sound good to you they can be trusted."



Radio 7 is one of the three large radio stations in Germany's state of Baden-Württemberg. Producers Martin Höchtl and Oliver Deckenhoff about uniK 05 and other ESI products: "ESI equipment provides proper sound for various applications. It allows us to deliver real unaltered sound to our audience."



Spencer James, lead singer of The Searchers, is using a pair of uniK 05 in his recording studio (SJO MUSIC) - "My view on the ESI uniK 05 speakers is they have great bottom end and very clear tight sound - also a big sound for small speakers. Very clear on the mid to high end too."



Arranger, conductor and producer Dr Derek Williams is using a pair of uniK 05 in his studio in Edinburgh - "I have to say I think I prefer the 5" even over my 8" monitors." / "When I switched the uniK's on, it was as though a veil had been lifted from the sound the first time I listened."



Eckhard Kuchenbecker runs YourSounds, the extensive online library of professionally recorded and mastered sounds. He uses 5 uniK 05 with SW10K eXperience - "I am often giving my impression of the system to others as a recommendation for film-, audio- and other media-editing environments - an interesting, affordable and high quality solution!"



In issue 07/2013 of Beat you can find a review of uniK 05: "With the uniK 05 ESI created an excellent monitor." / "... its sound image with attention to detail convices everywhere." / "... makes the uniK 05 sound better than what you might think considering its price."



The September 2012 issue of Sound on Sound features a review of uniK 05 by Paul White. Here is a quote: "they pack more punch than their size might imply" - check the beginning of the review here.



The May 2012 issue of KEYS (Germany) features a uniK 05 review by Martin Person: "In my opinion, even in direct comparisson with the similar size Yamaha HS50M I liked the ESI uniK 05 more."



Issue 5/2012 of Germany's Professional Audio magazine contained a long detailed review of uniK 05 and uniK 08: "Both speakers convince with their overall setup, room image, impulse response and resolution"



In September 2012, Jack Baker of HomeStudioReview (UK) checked uniK 05: "This natural sound allows you to really hear what's going on, and won't cause ear fatigue any time quick." - read the full review here!



Felix Klostermann from online magazine Bonedo (Germany) gave uniK 05 a test run:"I can testify that the ESI uniK 05 provides an outstanding sound, especially considering it's price." / 4.5 out of 5 stars - read the full german language review here!



In May 2012 drumXound (Germany) had a close look on our uniK 05 - their verdict:"The ESI uniK 05 surprises with big sound despite it's small size. A special highlight are precise transients and a good stereo image." - read the full german language review here!



Popular Chinese website Midifan had a detailed view on a pair of our uniK 05. The most important comment translates to "very competitive and attractive for customers". Check the full review in Chinese language here.



Online magazine HardwareLUXX (German / Russian) wrote a detailed review of uniK 05. You can read the full german language review here and the russian language review here!



In March 2012, Anselm Goertz of Sound & Recording (Germany) checked both uniK 05 and uniK 08: "The (...) new uniK monitors from ESI provide many treats with ribbon tweaters, kevlar low frequecy drivers and a full active 2-way system at affordable cost."