Derek Williams

Arranger, conductor and producer Dr Derek Williams is known for his numerous orchestrations and compositions including his operatic works at diverse venues such as the Sydney Opera House and the Royal Albert Hall as well as his work for television documentaries, mini-series and films like the Oscar winning Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and many other movies and TV projects. He is also the creator of the iPad Sibelius Wizard, a powerful tool supporting the popular notation software.

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Derek has been using ESI products in his studio in Edinburgh for quite some time now. Two M8U XL are the backbone of his MIDI setup. For monitoring he has replaced his older 3-way speakers with a pair of uniK 05 and gave us the comment you can read on the right. Since then, Derek has also added a pair of uniK 04 to his setup.


"I have been trying the latest ESI uniK 05 2-way speakers over the past couple of weeks doing comparisons with my old 8" studio 3-ways. I have to say I think I prefer the 5" even over my 8" monitors. When I switched the uniK's on, it was as though a veil had been lifted from the sound the first time I listened. Of course the amp is different too, contributing to the result in terms of empirical comparison. All very nice, very clear."

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Derek Williams is using the following ESI products:

uniK 04

uniK 05

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