Yoursounds - Eckhard Kuchenbecker

Eckhard Kuchenbecker in his studio
"I am often giving my impression of the system to others as a recommendation for film-, audio- and other media-editing environments - an interesting, affordable and high quality solution!"

Eckhard Kuchenbecker runs Yoursounds, the extensive online library of professionally recorded and mastered sounds. As a sound engineer dedicated to audio for film, sound creation and field recording, Eckhard obviously spends quite some time in front of the studio monitors in his studio. He is now using a surround setup consisting of 5 uniK 05 and a SW10K eXperience subwoofer in his editing environment.

Yoursounds is producing sounds that are for use, among others, on film productions for the large screen. Because of that is is cruicial for Eckhard to have studio monitors that feature a perfect sound balance and positioning. He is now using his ESI setup as a second balance to his 3 Genelec 1037B and 2 Genelec 1031A monitors and he does not see a "1st" and "2nd" level sound reproduction between the setups, but two equal reproductions of his creations.

He also is using and even testing equipment for his field recording work. To check and edit the sounds he recorded with the Zoom Q3HD and H2n recorders, he is completely relying on his ESI monitor setup, for example for M/S technique recordings for stereo playback.

It is no surprise that he recommends his ESI monitors to others!


Featured Products

Eckhard Kuchenbecker is using the following ESI products:

uniK 05
uniK 05
SW10K eXperience
SW10K eXperience