Michael "Grosi" Grossenbacher

Michael Grossenbacher in his homestudio
"I have worked with studio headphones most of the time, however the fantastic sound quality of the ESI uniK 08 changed me. They allow precise work even at low volume levels - a pleasure for a musician and enjoyment for your ears."

The well-known Swiss comedian Grosi managed a huge come back in 2011 into show biz. In his first year as a solo performer, he played his music comedy show over 50 times. Before that, he was busy for 17 years in the comedy group Bagatello, making Swiss people laugh.

The comedian from Bern later presented his next-level music comody "THERAPIE - die doppelte Dosis". The blond performer presents a combination of comedy and rock music. He appears on stage with 3 collegues, who are all extraordinary musicians and well-known in the Swiss music scene, having worked with DJ Bobo, Gölä or Stefanie Heinzmann.

In addition to his performances, Grosi also works as a manager of artists and is busy as host & presenter of various events, all over Switzerland.

Grosi is using a pair of uniK 08 and a KeyControl 49 XT in his home studio.


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uniK 08
uniK 08
KeyControl 49 XT
KeyControl 49 XT