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The new UGM96 is the most portable audio interface with this feature set on the market.

Even smaller than our new U24 XL, UGM96 offers an ultra mobile guitar and microphone to USB interface that allows you to connect two guitars (via the Hi-Z instrument inputs) or one guitar and one microphone simultaneously to your PC or Mac.

The backside offers a stereo output that you can use for monitoring, i.e. with headphones. This makes UGM96 the perfect companion for guitar recording applications on the road or in your studio. You can use it to jam with a guitar and microphone, process the signal with your PC or Mac notebook or desktop in realtime and listen to the mix directly via headphones - no special adapters or extra power supplies are needed, you simply plug UGM96 between your guitar, headphones, the microphone and your computer. It's unbelievable how much functions are provided by this small stylish device.


  • 2 analog input and 2 analog output channels
  • 2 independent mono Hi-Z inputs
  • one Hi-Z input switchable to microphone input with preamp
  • 2 headphone output
  • one headphone output can work as line output
  • fully USB bus powered
  • drivers for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP with ASIO support with low latency
  • Core Audio support under Mac OS X 10.4 and higher
  • dimensions: around 7 cm x 6 cm


Reviews and Testimonials


Guitar Player Michael Kaszczyszyn created a very informative review of UGM96 on his site: "It's difficult to find another interface offering as low latency as UGM96." - check it in English.and in Polish language.



Issue 7/2009 UK's Computer Music magazine features a short review of our UGM96. Here is a quote: "Overall, this is a good package for guitarists looking to save space and/or money"



The issue 07/2010 of KEYS (Germany) features a detailed review of UGM96 by Ulf Kaiser. Beside recomending it for it's price, he was impressed by the compact size: "UGM96 recomends itself as a convenient helper for mobile use."



The guys from mmag.ru (MusicMag) in Russia prepared a detailed video review of UGM96 - check the full video in russian language here!

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