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Reviews for cosMik uCast


David Becker from Prime Audio Reviews wrote a quite detailed review of our cosMik uCast: "(...) the DirectWIRE feature adds a lot of extra functionality. Where the cosMik uCast really goes above and beyond is with its impressive bundled software that raises the already good value of the microphone even more." - read the full review here and watch the matching YouTube video.



Christian Ibe from Gamez Generation in Germany tested our cosMik uCast in detail and mentioned: "Anyone looking for a good complete packge that puts value on good audio quality, should definitely look at cosMik uCast in detail." - read the full German language review with "Hit" rating here!



The February 2022 issue of Professional audio (Germany) contains a detailed review of cosMik uCast that praised the build quality, the extensive free software bundle and mentioned that the prodcut is very easy to use. It is no surprise that their final verdict is "Very Good".



Stephan Merk of the popular German online magazine Amazona looked at our cosMik uCast in detail:"Beside the simple usage a solid sound is quite the strength of the ESI cosMik uCast." - read the original German text here!