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Reviews for Xjam


The November 2022 issue of KEYS (Germany) features a detailed review of Xjam by Carl-Philipp Schmeller: "Compared to many other pad controllers, Xjam has its advantages in mobility, which can make every live setup more creative in a jiffy."



German online magazine Buenas Ideas wrote a very detailed review of Xjam. You can read the full german language review with comments like "The pads have good mechanical properties, work precisly and can be configured with detail." that resulted in a "Tipp" award here.



Felix Thoma of the popular German online magazine Amazona looked at our Xjam in detail:"(...) neat device to play and trigger samples or to push in drums and beats. The workmanship is great and the pads can be played marvelously." - read the original German text here!



The Quest for Groove made an extensive and detailed video review of Xjam with a strong focus on finger drumming - check the full video here!