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Reviews for nEar08 eXperience


Tony Platt is well known for his work with AC/DC, Bob Marley, Sparks, Iron Maiden, Foreigner and Motörhead. He comments about nEar08 eXperience:"I believe the nEar08s are an excellent speaker for monitoring especially in a recording situation"



Popular DJ and Producer Jean Claude Ades (JCA) is using a pair of our uniK 05 speakers and a pair of our nEar08 eXperience as his secondary studio monitor.



Composer Natalie Oram of Rockbarn Media about our nEar08 eXperience: "The nEar 08s provide a superb detailed and balanced sound. With electronic-orientated music we need to have an accurate illustration of the low end, with symphonic music we have to hear the detailed spectrum across the frequency range and regardless of genre, every day the nEar 08s excel."



In 2008, the readers of KEYS magazine (Germany) voted for the best gear in various categories. We are very honored that our nEar08 eXperience received the award as the best studio monitor in 2008! Thank you to everyone who voted!



The January 2008 issue of Sound on Sound features a review of nEar08 eXperience by Paul White: "There are only three or four other monitors that perform well in this price range, and the nEar08 eXperience models deserve to be taken seriously alongside then." - check it here!



Hagen Fin of popular german magazine Amazona reviewed nEar08 eXperience and mentioned in his conclusion:"For around 350 Euro street price, the ESI nEar08 are a bargain for many applications." - read the full german language review here!



The January 2008 issue of KEYS (Germany) features a nEar08 eXperience review by Sven Neumann: "Even more astonishing is that ESI made it possible to produce such complete and potent speakers in this range."



In January 2008, Alexander Weber of Beat Magazine (Germany) checked nEar08 eXperience: "The nEar08 eXperience presents itself as a worthy successor model of nEar06."



Gearslutz user ChampionsProd worte a review for our nEar08 eXperience studio monitor and he concludes with "you will love them" - read his review here!