nEar08 eXperience

Professional 8" Studio Reference Monitors

Intended as sucessor for nEar06, the nEar08 eXperience studio near field reference monitors have been developed to generate a near perfect sonic reproduction in any studio envrionment.

With an extended low frequency response and a top quality Kevlar 8" driver, the award winning nEar08 eXperience delivers unparalleled punch in the low-mid frequency - a major improvement over the paper and polypropylene drivers used in many comparable products. nEar08 eXperience, as the larger sibling of our popular nEar05 eXperience, also provide frequency response adjustment controls, allowing you to tune the sound, specific to the needs inside your studio environment. The monitors are featuring ESI's cross over control technology that is perfectly optimized and upgraded to provide perfect output level and frequency response properly matching the installed drivers and cabinet design. nEar08 eXperience is magnetically shielded for desktop operation next to your other electronic equipment without causing interference.

Please note that nEar08 eXperience is no longer in production and has been replaced by the new and significantly improved aktiv 08.


  • Type: 2-Way Bookshelf
  • LF Driver: 8 inch Kevlar curved cone with high temperature voice coil and damped rubber surround
  • HF Driver: 1 inch neodymiun soft dome tweeter with ferro fluid
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz - 24kHz
  • LF Amplifier Power: 70W
  • HF Amplifier Power: 70W
  • S/N Ratio: > 100dB below full output, 20kHz Bandwidth
  • Input Connectors: 1 x XLR Balanced Input Connector and 1 x TRS Balanced / Unbalanced Input Connector
  • Input Impedance: 20k ohms balanced,10k ohms unbalanced
  • Input Sensitivity: 250 mV input produces full output with Volume control at maximum
  • Cabinet: vinyl laminated MDF
  • Dimensions: 358 mm(H) x 255 mm(W) x 322 mm(D)
  • Net Weight: 10.0 kg/unit

Reviews and Testimonials

Here are selected reviews of nEar08 eXperience:


Tony Platt is well known for his work with AC/DC, Bob Marley, Sparks, Iron Maiden, Foreigner and Motörhead. He comments about nEar08 eXperience:"I believe the nEar08s are an excellent speaker for monitoring especially in a recording situation"



Popular DJ and Producer Jean Claude Ades (JCA) is using a pair of our uniK 05 speakers and a pair of our nEar08 eXperience as his secondary studio monitor.



In 2008, the readers of KEYS magazine (Germany) voted for the best gear in various categories. We are very honored that our nEar08 eXperience received the award as the best studio monitor in 2008! Thank you to everyone who voted!



The January 2008 issue of Sound on Sound features a review of nEar08 eXperience by Paul White: "There are only three or four other monitors that perform well in this price range, and the nEar08 eXperience models deserve to be taken seriously alongside then." - check it here!



Hagen Fin of popular german magazine Amazona reviewed nEar08 eXperience and mentioned in his conclusion:"For around 350 Euro street price, the ESI nEar08 are a bargain for many applications." - read the full german language review here!



The January 2008 issue of KEYS (Germany) features a nEar08 eXperience review by Sven Neumann: "Even more astonishing is that ESI made it possible to produce such complete and potent speakers in this range."



In January 2008, Alexander Weber of Beat Magazine (Germany) checked nEar08 eXperience: "The nEar08 eXperience presents itself as a worthy successor model of nEar06."


You can find more reviews of nEar08 eXperience here. If you are interested in adding a review to this list, do not hesitate and contact us.