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Reviews for U46 XL


The issue 6/2009 UK's Computer Music magazine features a mini review of our U46 XL USB audio interface. Here is a quote: "The U46 XL is simple to set up, feels very solidly built and behaves as you would expect." - 8 out of 10



In January 2009 Beat Magazine (Germany) contains a review of U46 XL: "During testing U46 XL (...) showed no weakness and convinced with solid dynamic and clear sound."



iDJ (UK) checked our U46 XL in May 2009 - here is a quote: "With plenty of connectivity, it handles the needs of musicians and DJs alike, and with such good sound quality, it's exceptional value for money." - check the full review here.



The December 2008 issue of MacUser magazine (UK) features a review of U46 XL by Kenny Hemphill. Here is a quote of the summary: "If you want an inexpensive USB audio interface that covers the bases and can be happily chucked into a laptop bag, the U46 XL will serve you well." - 4 out of 5 mice.