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Reviews for U168 XT


In the 8/2019 issue of Beat (Germany), Jan Wilking wrote about our U168 XT: "The USB interface has sixteen analog inputs despite the low price of around 400€. In this price range, the competitors offer a maximum of just half the number of inputs."



With a rating of 93%, our U168 XT was recommended by a group of people for FutureMusic in the US, testing it in different situations in a long term test. You can check the full review in English here, the is also a Spanish version here.



G.W. Childs IV of AskAudio checked out our U168 XT. Beside a detailed description of it's sexy package, he really liked it and explains why. Check the full review here - it was even listed as one of the best audio interfaces of 2017!



Bro C of the Reviewer's Revival blog in Canada checked our U168 XT in an extensive and very detailed review that you should not miss. Check it out and read the full text here!



Online magazine Buenas Ideas (German language) wrote a detailed review of U168 XT. You can read the full german language review which resulted in a "Tipp" award here.