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nEar05 classic is born to change the concept of near field reference monitoring.

The active nEar05 classic is designed to overcome all the limitations of conventional near field reference monitors for a digital audio environment. This system delivers a wide range of frequency response by employing two extraordinary drivers and unique crossover technology developed by ESI. It boasts a stable and balanced low-mid frequency response along with a defined MF and HF response. And both drivers are magnetically shielded for usage on your desktop next to other critical devices. High current power amplifiers offer high sound pressure with very low non-linear distortion. From professional users in commercial studios to home studio owners, the nEar05 classic is a true solution for near field studio monitoring in its own class.

nEar05 classic are no longer available through our regular sales & distribution network, however they can still be purchased via selected retailers as special edition.


  • low frequency driver: magneticaly shielded 5,25" polypropylen membrane
  • high frequency driver: 1" magneticaly shielded silk dome speaker
  • inputs: 1 XLR balanced & 1 TRS balanced/unbalanced
  • input sensitivity: 270 mV
  • input impedance: 20k Ohm balanced, 10k Ohm unbalanced
  • RF interference protection, outputlimiter, subsonic filter, extern power supply
  • frequency range: 60Hz - 20 kHz
  • crossover frequence: 2.7 kHz
  • low frequency-amplifier: 40W
  • high frequency amplifier: 30W
  • input-trim: ~ -15dBu
  • dimensions: 250mm (H) x 166mm (W) x 200mm (D)
  • weight: ca. 10kg/pair

Reviews and Testimonials


Thorsten Walter of popular german magazine Amazona had a close look on nEar05 classic and started his conclusion of the review:"Good sound for a small price." - read the full german language review here!

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