Haemoon Park

Haemoon Park is one of the main famous composers who has introduced european style techno music to Korea and has visited France on a number of occasions to study the european music scene. He has worked with many famous musicians such as DJ DOC, Lim Changjung, and Li Junghyun. A pair of our nEar05 eXperience was one of his main tools in his studio for the creation of his music. He still uses them and loves them.

These days he spends more time on work with Drama and Documentary content. He has close relationships with all major Korean broadcast companies such as KBS, MBC and SBS. During this work he noticed a partial lack of sound resolution from nEar05 eXperience he has been using for his music style. For example, he realized he needs more high and low string sounds than before. He began using our aktiv 05, the replacement of nEar05 eXperience, and he says it completely makes up for what his previous setup has been missing with a great balanced sound and high resolution.

Featured Products

Haemoon Park is using the following ESI products:

aktiv 05

nEar05 eXperience



"As a musician who has been using nEar05 for quite a long time, I am actually surprised to see the sound improvements of aktiv 05, especially considering the pricing is similar!"
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